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Our team has diverse backgrounds, deep knowledge, and the skills to support innovation at pace


Ron Spector
  • Ron Spector
  • Chief Executive Officer | Managing Director
Justin Greenstein
  • Justin Greenstein
  • Chief Operating Officer


  • Alex Guyer
  • Principal, Ventures
David Rowe
  • David Rowe
  • Principal, Ventures
Michael Brice
  • Michael Brice
  • Principal, Partnerships
Monica Lewis
  • Monica Lewis
  • Senior Associate, Ventures
You Dan Cao
  • You Dan Cao
  • Analyst, Ventures

Creation Lab

Cassandra Dessein
  • Cassandra Dessein
  • Principal, Creation Lab
 David Le
  • David Le
  • Principal, New Ventures
James Petterson
  • James Petterson
  • Principal, Data Science
Keshav Murthy
  • Keshav Murthy
  • Principal, Data Engineer
Paul Hayat
  • Paul Hayat
  • Principal, New Ventures
  • Zoey Bendef
  • Data Engineer


Brianna Matkovich
  • Brianna Matkovich
  • Team Operations Manager
Caitlin Stonehouse-Penny
  • Caitlin Stonehouse-Penny
  • Principal, Communication and Investor Relations
Clare Irvine
  • Clare Irvine
  • Team Operations Manager
Nadia Jeffreys
  • Nadia Jefferys
  • Principal, People Experience
Oliver Shapleski
  • Oliver Shapleski
  • Principal, Portfolio Management
  • Ricky Ferreira
  • Principal, Business Services


Rami Mukhtar
  • Rami Mukhtar
  • Data and Analytics
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